Complete and clear workout record and statistics

Check out your workout time and result with ease! You’ll never need to worry about training too much or not enough! The console will compute and calculate your workout result automatically. Let’s start working out!

Workout Type

Quick Start: Let’s start training right away!

Interval: Max cumulative exercise consumption within the same time frame. Let the challenge starts!

Map mode: Jogging around the Eiffel Tower with one easy click!

Workout Display

Clear and user-friendly interface design. Time, distance, resistance, calories, all the important statistics are on display.

Workout Summary

Uploading the workout-related statistics to the Cloud after a hard workout and analyzing it simultaneously online. Easy peasy? Tiring? Let’s take notes about how you feel after a thorough workout!

Compare version Iterative

Support functions iConsole+ 4th FIT HI WAY iconsole/iRunner
BlueTooth2.0 X
BLE4.0 X
Apple Watch HR+ X X
Apple Watch Remote X X
Bike series
Treadmill series
Elipptical series
Rower series SOON
HRM measure
Map mode
Competition X
Ladder X X
AI data charts X X
AI Training X X
Embedded system X X
Custiomized LOGO X X
FTMS Standards SOON X X
iOS/Android support X/Partial

Artificial Intelligent


AI Training

我We use the algorithm to analyze your workout record and provide you the most suitable workout prescription. So every workout session is efficient, simple and safe.

AI Diagnosis

AI diagnosis is a more advanced and personalized analysis. Not only does the algorithm provides a workout prescription, we combine the Asian body type norm analysis and online calculation, provide you the data for every muscle group and every physiological sign. Offer you a complete training health analysis and advice.


Everyone has different need and target for training. Want a more focused training? Come and choose your staged target training!

Marathon (muscle endurance)

Do you want to participate full Marathon or half Marathon? This is the workout you’re looking for for long-term muscular endurance and pace training!

Anaerobic & Explosive-Movement Training

Do you want to train for instant muscle strength? Oxygen consumption training and anaerobic threshold training will help you achieve your goal quickly and easily!

Diet (Get Fit)

Do you always eat too much and not knowing how to burn the fat? We’ll teach you how to control your diet yourself!

Safe workout training for elders

Our own algorithm will help extending your life span by achieving 100 BAI per week! Note1

During workout

A.I. Artificial Intelligence provide you a better motion compliance. Automatically download workout schedule prescription, due date reminder, warm advice, and support all kinds of cardio training equipment. It can help you switch between different equipment with ease, extend the training time and achieve your goal efficiently.


AI Summary: Using all kinds of sensors, like chest strap and APPLE WATCH to collect data from every workout, using powerful computer to process binary data and conversion calculation, and execute real-time collect, real time storage and real-time computing