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CrossFit是近年來風靡全球的健身體能體系,創始人Greg Glassman希望普通人能在力所能及的前提下,將訓練向運動員靠攏,以得到訓練效果的最大化。



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Body sculpturing programs

Exercise will help sculpture ideal body.Moreover,our back-end receipts will provide relatives muscles knowledge.

Maximal Workload

Add sportsman’s anaerobic ability will increase effort of “Anaerobic exercise”and “Anaerobic output”

Marathon Training

Training with science plan with high aerobic depreciation and relatives suggestion

Cardio training program

Cardiovascular training is our recommend exercise that provide good allocation between workouts and make it digitization..

Healthy eating plan

Superior eating habits will provide better exercise and achieve the target sooner.

Weight reducing program

Getting fit is the most visual symptom for modern people.We might get fit with more muscle sculpture and healthier.

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