BAI TM(Body Activity Intelligent )

Body activity intelligent is a kind of index that objectively and standardly evaluate your status. It may adapted by every ages,gender,and regions. It will give you a reference score index to let you know the every workout status. How many METs and effective workout you achived. You may set a goal of 100pts for every week to get you healthier.

BAI index to 100pts every weeks is a kind of suggesting scores to make you health.
We will immediately to computing your effective by several of sensors data procuring from HR strap; or apple watch.
You may ignore un-satisfy calories index or other hard to read values on console and reference by easy BAI index.

By paper reference of ACSM The American College of Sports Medicine, to achieve by enough effective workouts will help normal ;elder; or rehabilitation people’s health.
By this study, enough workout 7 hours every week will decrease 40% died later than none.(ACSM)

---------Dr. Ulrik Wisløff; Javaid Nauman,the American Journal of Medicine ,2017

BAI TM (Body activity index)

BAI is the sum up of effective training training volume.
Training volume=Training Intensity x Training time
BAI uses your heart rate, precisely speaking heart rate zone, to measure your training intensity.

BAI calculates effective training volume based on your heart rate, age, gender and duration. During the workout, you can see BAI accumulates. As soon as you complete a workout session, you can obtain a total BAI point of this session, which is the total effective training volume of this session.

If you train harder, higher heart rate zone, you get BAI points faster. If you train less hard, lower heart rate zone, you get BAI points slow.

We recommend to workout by accumulating 100 BAI points every week to enhance your cardio capability that reduce the death rate due to cardiac disease. Effective workout can help reduce the death rate from cardiac disease has been approved by ACSM and found the same results from many surveys and studies.

However, if you do not have heart rate source, BAI will not calculate. For example, if you use hand grip sensor, BAI will not calculate while your hands are off from the sensor. If you hold hand grip sensor from time to time, BAI will then calculate from time to time but it still accumulate slowly.

BAI requires BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, heart rate strap, or Apple’s Watch or hand grip sensor.


Heart Rate measurement is detecting bpm speed of heart beats every minute. We could use all kinds of device that use standard BLE HRM profiles.

Heart rate zone training is based by HRM. Target heart rate is to set an ideal bpm to make you challenge aerobic exercise to improve heart and breath cycle.

This virtual value is based by ages and status. We can make 65%~85% max heart rate to achieve effective aerobic exercise.